The Thief's Tale and Other Wild Stories

21oct20:00The Thief's Tale and Other Wild Stories

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Daniel Morden

What would drive you to theft: Hunger? Vengeance? To save a life?

Throw caution to the wind with Daniel Morden as he conjures a folkloric fever-dream full of the fantastic triumphs and farcical mishaps of a reluctant hero of the people. Expect absurd tales of wool pulling, boat rocking, petty theft, and grand larceny in this comic and creepy show, complete with giant cow-eating cats! Brimming with wild legend, low cunning, high drama, and last-minute escapes from certain death. Come and shake a fist at the ludicrous order of things…

Théâtre Sainte-Catherine
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(Samedi) 20:00


Théâtre Sainte-Catherine

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