Robert Cloney

Crédit photo : Nedia El Khouri

Rob Cloney has been writing and telling stories to audiences for 40 years. His original stories have a distinct Irish and Atlantic Canadian feel to them, and are often humorous with riddles and twists. He has performed as an actor and storyteller in Canada, the US and Brazil, and has participated in many storytelling festivals and programs, including Journee de la Culture, Ottawa StoryTellers: Stories & Tea, Ottawa Children’s Storytelling Festival, Festilou, festival de contes pour la jeunesse, Bloomsday Festival, Ottawa Storytellers Signature Series, and the World Storytelling Cafe
When he is not telling stories, he works as an English and drama teacher, and spends his summers combining storytelling with fine arts with kids at Galerie d’Art et Centre d’Art Viva Vida in the West Island of Montreal.
He is currently compiling a collection of original stories for publication.