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Daily Schedule October 26     
October 2005

7:00 PM
Story Swap and The Devil's Details  

Christine Mayr Christine Mayr   Austria-Québec
At the age of five, Austrian-born Christine Mayr found the hidden entrance to fairyland and has been telling stories ever since. Now a grandmother, she spins her yarn, weaving it around you, inviting you to enter her tales. Those are tales of wisdom and wonder: the wisdom of laughter, the sheer wonder of being alive…
The Montréal Storytellers' Guild The Montréal Storytellers' Guild   Québec
The Montreal Storytellers Guild was founded by a group of storytellers who had become convinced that Montrealers would enjoy hearing stories... For twenty-four years now, on any given Guild swap, one may hear folk and fairy tales, myth, legends, personal stories, and adaptations of literary stories.
John David Hickey John David Hickey   Québec
David is an engaging teller making good use of his acting experience to add a theatrical spin to his stories. His strong stage presence will keep you on edge as he weaves his tales of mystery, adventure, and laughter. Traditional folktales, fairy tales, underdog stories, Jack stories, tall tales from all cultures and continents.
Dylan Spevack-Willcock Dylan Spevack-Willcock   Québec
Dylan Spevack-Willcok has been lying ever since he can remember, but he only has been calling it storytelling for the last six years. He is co-author of the book/CD You Don't Know Jack. Dylan has told stories in Canada, the US and the UK. His goal is to tell a story on every continent, including Antarctica. He lives in Montréal.
Jack Nissenson Jack Nissenson   Québec
Jack Nissenson was born in Montréal in 1933 and began singing ballads during the early 1950’s. Soon after moving to Toronto in 1975 he discovered storytelling and he has been singing and telling to anyone who would listen ever since.
Story Swap hosted by Christine Mayr, with the Montreal Storytellers Guild.

The Story Swap is followed by The Devil's Details — Tales of the Devil’s adventures — with John David Hickey, Dylan Spevack Willcock and Jack Nissenson (by Word of Mouth Productions).
Montréal Gryphon d'or
5968 Monkland Ave., Montréal
(514) 485-7377
10/26/2005 $10  [ Including dessert and beverage ]

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